Working Hours

Our Mission

“The Perspective” is proud of its satisfied clients and the unblemished reputation on the pawn market. Our key principles are trust, accessibility, fair and loyal relationships. We aspire to create maximum convenience for our clients and as a result we are happy to offer you favorable terms and an excellent service!


Do you need cash right away? Everybody has been in this situation. “The Perspective” pawn shop can offer you a quick and efficient way out. You can either sell or pawn your luxury watch or jewelry on the most favorable terms. Gold and silver don’t only fill our lives with beauty but also make it possible to survive difficulties and tide over. Buying valuables also means investing into your future wealth.

Quick Procedure

All financial difficulties are temporary if you face them without delay. There is no exaggeration in saying that the quickest and safest way to get the extra cash you need is to apply to our pawn shop. Pawn loan is an express and easy loan without guarantors. To get a credit in a bank is a time-consuming procedure while to get a pawn loan in our shop you don’t need anything but your passport. Our qualified staff will draw up a contract really fast and the whole procedure is maximum quick and transparent.

Top Prices

Our attractive prices and great deals have gained us trust and excellent reputation among the wide range of both clients and buyers. All our experts have professional certificates and huge experience in valuation. We have always valuated luxury Swiss watches and jewelry objectively and professionally which means we have offered our clients the top prices. “The Perspective” guarantees the lowest interest rates possible. We buy pre-owned luxury watches at great prices all over the world. Our terms and high standards of service cannot be beaten!

Easy and Safe in the Optimum Way

We guarantee your absolute confidentiality as well as safety of your assets and impeccable terms of their storage. You can be sure that your item is 100% safe with us and you will get it back in exactly the same state as it has been before applying for a loan. Moreover, while keeping your watches we can provide your some technical servicing such as polishing, watch guard changing or other services needed. It is just an extra option we are happy to provide for our clients and once your loan is repaid we securely return your assets but if you choose this option you can get them renewed and shining, looking new.

“The Perspective” pawn shop also buys luxury jewelry, offering our clients great deals. Besides, we sell jewelry on the spot. Buying jewelry and luxury watches without any doubts can be considered a fine investment. We can offer our clients a wide range of VIP watches of the best Swiss brands and various jewelry of many famous brands.