About watches


“The Perspective” is a well-known Moscow’s watch centre. We have worked on the pawn market for a long time to develop an unblemished reputation. “The Perspective” is a recognized and respected company with loyal clients. If you are going to sell your luxury timepiece, we will be happy to help you with any watches, ladies or gents, new or old.

Applying to our watch pawn shop, you will get several advantages, among which are:

  • A wide range of services. You can either loan or sell your watch, getting the highest price.
  • The Speed. The whole procedure will take you just a couple of minutes whereas getting a loan in a bank can take you more than a day.
  • Just One Document. To close a deal you will need just one document proving your identity
  • Broad Geography. Our pawnshop is among those rare watch pawnbrokers that have a net not only in Moscow, but also in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kharkiv.
  • Special Prices. If you show the authentic documents (a watch or jewelry certificate, warranty, etc.), we will be able to offer you a better price.
  • Quick and expert valuation. Our watch pawnshop will value our watch professionally and quickly and we pay you the cash on the spot without unnecessary time waste.
  • Privacy. If you need a watch pawn, you shouldn’t worry about your personal data as we guarantee you absolute confidentiality as well as the safety of your valuables