Our Services

Expertise. Our highly qualified experts with more than 8-years of experience in this field value the authentity of each item as well as its visual appearance and present technical state. We use special professional equipment Watch Expert to check watch escapement.

Valuation. To determine a loan value we use different criteria such as its technical state, brand and model, condition, “provenance” (the original box, a bill of sale, etc.). If you would like to get an estimate online, please, fill in the form below and attach the photo of your watch. We will contact you immediately.

Paying Cash. As soon as you have signed a loan contract in our office, we will pay you cash. There are special terms for huge sum of cash. We use special equipment to carry out banknote identification. On clients’ demand we can also transfer money using bank services. “The Perspective” pawn shop also offers collection and support services.

Insurance. We offer you 100% watch insurance. If needed, we enclose a copy of a loan contract with a pawn ticket. Our insurance covers the loss and all kinds of watch damage. Our insurance partner is a well-established Ingosstrakh Insurance Company.

Terms. Loan lasts a minimum of a day, maximum one month with a possibility of prolongation. The total loan sum is calculated in proportion to days, you don’t have to pay the interest as soon as you have paid off the loan. Our Interest. Our interest is individual for each loan depending on an item. The interest rate depends on a watch valuation, seasonality and other factors.

The Documents Needed. To get a loan you don’t need any other documents but a passport and a watch certificate. It is possible to get a loan without any watch certificates, but in this case the sum of your loan will be less (depending on a watch brand and model).

Prior Pawn Redemption. Our clients have a possibility to pay off loans in advance in full any time. In this case we will recalculate the total sum of our interest in client’s favour.

3 steps to get a loan
1. Agreement of Terms and Conditions. You can pre-arrange a visit to our office if you wish. Besides, you have an opportunity to get an immediate preliminary online valuation of your assets.
2. A Visit. You come to our shop with your passport, an item to secure your loan and with/without watch certificates. We will carry our expertise and valuation of your valuables and make you an offer within 5 minutes.
3. Getting Cash. We can pay you cash or transfer the money to your account after valuation, agreeing of terms and conditions of the pawnbroker’s contract (the insurance, terms, interest, etc.) and signing the documents.

Our Guaranties. We retain your goods until the contract is settled. Our shop is guarded and all the items on loan are kept in safes. If you wish, you can put your item into our safe on your own. We guarantee the safety of your valuables through the whole contract period. All the watches in our pawn shop are insured.

Confidentiality. Our company guarantees absolute confidentiality of your personal data or any info about a pawn contract.

Safety and Security. The safely of a pawn contract is based on the complex expertise, valuation and signing a contract. We provide all the necessary documents with every selling or buying deal. The pawn contract is signed by two parties and this document guarantees the discharge of mutual commitments.

To get any additional information about pawnbroker contracts with “The Perspective”, please, contact our specialists using the contact phones.